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Benefits of Staying Socially Active for Older Adults

Senior active couple running, walking and talking in the park. Healthy lifestyle

Benefits of Staying Socially Active for Older Adults

Benefits of Staying Socially Active for Older Adults

The importance of staying socially active for older adults cannot be overemphasized. Our aging population is at risk for becoming socially isolated. This can lead to loneliness, depression, and less physical activity resulting in a compromised sense of well-being, and a decline in physical health. Community living facilities like Garden Plaza at Valley View make it easy for seniors to stay socially active and engaged.

Participating in social activity improves mental health and may contribute to fending of physical ailments. At Garden Plaza at Valley View residents are offered ample opportunities to fill their social calendar. It is our goal to keep older adults engaged and full of purpose. Having a sense purpose creates a heightened sense of self-worth and builds confidence. Interacting with others and participating in group activities benefits brain health and defends against mental decline.

Socially active seniors experience many benefits. An improved sense of self worth and purpose help aging adults to have a more optimistic outlook on life and thoroughly enjoy retirement.

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