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Did you know that independent living can actually cost less than living in your home? Once you join a senior living community you will be free from the stress of property taxes, homeowners’ insurance, costly repairs and maintenance. At Garden Plaza of Valley View we offer...

Did you know that brain fitness is just as important as physical fitness. Exercising your brain can help memory, focus, and daily functionality. As we age these things become increasingly important. Here are four ways to build your brain fitness while having fun, too! Vocabulary Exercises: A...

2022 has definitely been an interesting year full of rapid growth and surprising endings. Here are just a few noteworthy events from this year that we felt were worth mentioning. James Webb Telescope: Back in July the first five images from the James Webb Telescope were...

Wow! what a treat. The Garden Plaza of Valley View has some really great news. We as a community are adding something special this month, Please come down and help us celebrate a brand new addition t our new specialty bakery, Wishful Cookies. We will...

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